StandFast Testimonials

“We planted a test plot of StandFast Alfalfa in the Spring 2002. StandFast has outgrown our other alfalfas and is leafier with finer stems. There are times we have had 6 inches more growth on StandFast alfalfa than the competitive varieties. Within 2 weeks of cutting, we are seeing a visible difference in the recovery of StandFast from our other varieties of alfalfa.”
Marvin Norris, E & M Farms, Magic Valley, Hansen, Idaho

“We planted 25 acres of StandFast in the spring of 2003. It started right way, the StandFast was growing faster than the 2 competitive varieties planted right next to it. You could stand along the edge of the field and see the difference in the 3 alfalfas. I took the first cutting of new seeding ahead of 2nd crop of old seeding, this was the first time I have cut new seeding that soon, StandFast was growing that fast.”
Kurt Amundson, Nordic Ridge Dairy, Mt. Hope, Wisconsin

“We planted 120 acres of StandFast alfalfa in the spring of 2003 and didn’t expect to see it express any of the traits as quickly as what it seems to be doing. We will get 3 cuttings off of the new seeding this year, which we did not expect. We are very happy with StandFast, it is doing well for us.”
Jason Martin, Commercial Hay Producer/Custom Harvester, Hudson, Colorado

“Even after excessive rainfall, StandFast was pretty good sized. StandFast was standing almost perfect which will translate into better yield.”
Jim Herr, Cattleman, Arcadia, Indiana

“One acre of StandFast Alfalfa was seeded in 2002 and was consistently taller than our competitive alfalfas. During the first hay year, StandFast was 4 inches taller at each cutting – producing higher yields. With the improved yield, better protein and higher TDN experienced in 2002, I planted all StandFast Alfalfa in 2003.”
Larry Hershberger, Amish Dairy Farmer, Millersburg, OH

“The StandFast Alfalfa is very quick in recovery, greening up in about one-half the time of other alfalfas. Most alfalfas in the first year aren’t real thick, but StandFast is a beautiful stand – thick cover, leaves are large in size,
which is a great selling point. My 3rd crop tested better than I expected, 19.9% Protein, 160.1 Relative Feed Value and 10.1% Moisture. I would recommend StandFast to anyone, in fact, I have. I will plant it again, hands down.”
Mark Marketon, Hay Grower, Howard Lake, MN

“We planted 250 acres of StandFast Alfalfa in the spring of 2003. The StandFast Alfalfa seems to grow back faster and is a more upright plant than other alfalfas we have planted. In addition the relative feed value was very good on the StandFast Alfalfa. Overall StandFast has given us a very favorable impression and we would recommend it to other growers.”
David Keast, Hay Grower, Hartley County, TX