Questions and Answers

What are the on the farm advantages of the alfalfas with StandFast traits?
Improved standability and faster growth after harvest generate extra yield without sacrificing persistence or forage quality. The extra yield is accumulated during the season from reduced field losses caused by downed alfalfa, the compounding effect of fewer days to and between harvest, the benefit of season-long productivity and strong persistence into the later hay years.

There’s more yield, but what about forage quality?
Stem size and leaf area are similar to other alfalfas.  Improved stavndability doesn’t mean bigger stems and lower feed values. The alfalfas with the StandFast traits don’t contain extra lignin fiber. It’s how the lignin is structured in the cell wall that improves standability, not stem size. Feed tests show the alfalfas with StandFast traits to be equal for CP, NDF, RFQ and milk per ton to the industry’s check varieties at similar stages of maturity.

What about persistence?
Persistence is equal to or superior to conventional varieties in short, medium or medium-long rotations when aggressively managed. Stands stay full and productive under balanced management and don’t turn to weeds when pushed.

Where can the alfalfas with the StandFast traits be grown?
Adapted to all areas where fall dormancy 3, 4 or 5 varieties are recommended and grown.

Who are these alfalfas for?
For all alfalfa growers who are pushing to maximize forage yield and milk per acre. Commercial hay grower specializing in high tonnage dairy quality hay will especially value the fast growth and standability traits.

Are alfalfas with StandFast traits a GMO product?

The StandFast traits were developed through conventional breeding techniques by crossing European germplasm onto elite U.S. alfalfa varieties.  Through research and selection, varieties were advanced and finally released into the commercial market in 2002.  StandFast is a name used to classify alfalfa varieties possessing the improved standability and fast growth traits. 

What about public testing?
Most public trials have a wide range of entries, maturities and performance abilities requiring middle of the road management. This works against high-powered alfalfas like the alfalfas with the StandFast traits. However, high performance contract yield trials are under way at several public universities with the results available thru marketers at the end of each harvest season.