Alfalfas with StandFast Traits – Fast Growth

Fast Growth to Maximize Forage Yield

  • Bigger second, third, and fourth crops
  • 30% faster growing than conventional alfalfas
  • Extra 6" growth in the first 21 days following harvest
  • Shorter harvest intervals by 3 to 5 days
  • Start first crop harvest sooner
  • Potential extra cutting each season
  • Reducing weed competition
  • Improved soil water conservation
Consistent forage quality

  • Standability protects yield and quality
  • CP, NDFD, ADF, RFQ equal to best conventional alfalfas
  • More milk, beef or tons per acre

Faster recovery and regrowth after each cutting results in a crop ready for harvest 3-5 days earlier and compounds during the season to maximize total yield.